12V LED transformers / power supplies

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LED strip lights can be operated with car batteries, batteries or suitable LED transformers. The LED strip lights cannot be connected directly to the mains since they require lower voltage. The significance of a suitable transformer is more than what we primarily assume. Electronic transformers may be perfect for halogen lights - and have been most frequently installed in homes - yet they simply ruin LED lights and if you imply an electronic transformer with LED strip lights they melt within a few hours. This, especially considering the money invested into LED lighting, is a huge loss, and there is no warranty provided for lights ruined this way. We cannot emphasize enough to check the transformer if you are installing LED light into your existing lighting system. The best is to make sure the use of a proper LED transformer by simply buying one, which is labelled as LED compatible. Our LED strip lights require stabilized constant voltage, and wire-wound transformers that transform mains to 12V DC.

12V batteries or car batteries are also suitable for running the LED lights. The voltage tolerance of the LED strips is 10-15V. This gains importance when the battery is charged or the engine is on, when the voltage can go up to 15V even. If the strip lights are operated at 15V for up to 5 hours, the LED strip lights are not affected. Always make sure that the charging of the battery is regulated.

12V LED power supplies are now available both indoor and outdoor (waterproof) versions. Indoor transformers are not only lighter but cost less.

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LED strip lights offer a bright and decorative solution for replacing your energy-hungry halogens or short lifespan and still hot fluorescent tubes. Use LED strips to light up your life with various colours, or change the atmosphere of your room every day with the RGB LED strip. Our 12V LED lights are safe and easy to install.