LED strip light accessories

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LED strip lighting offers the option of dimming of our single-coloured LED strip lights. Dimming of LED strip lights cannot happen with simple voltage regulation, but with PWM technology. We distribute a range of dimmers that are suitable for dimming LED strip lights: regular, turn of the knob dimmer, remote dimmer; and wall-mounted dimmer with a remote control, which works like a regular light switch. These dimmers are 12V dimmers, so they are not suitable for dimming any lights operating at mains.

The multicoloured RGB strip light needs an RGB controller to operate. This strip light emits seven different colours, which also contains one, bright white colour. The RGB controller can control twenty metres of our RGB strip light, but additional metres of RGB strip light can be added to the same controller with the help of a separately powered amplifier, that amplifies the signal of the controller. This way, an endless line of RGB line could be created.

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LED strip lights offer a bright and decorative solution for replacing your energy-hungry halogens or short lifespan and still hot fluorescent tubes. Use LED strips to light up your life with various colours, or change the atmosphere of your room every day with the RGB LED strip. Our 12V LED lights are safe and easy to install.