LED strip lights for decor lighting

Find out what LED strip lights we have for decor lighting here: LED strip lights for decor lighting

LED strip lights are classically used for décor purposes, like mood or background lighting. This use can be much varied, and provides several forms of application in our homes or businesses. These LED strip lights mostly contain the smaller, 3528, size of SMD technology light-emitting diodes. The light is best used for illuminating wider surfaces from a relatively short distance. This is due to the strip lights' wide, 120 degrees beam angle. It is also ideal for illuminating shelves, edges of stairs, furniture, or for background lighting in your living room or kitchen. These lights are also very often applied in hotels, restaurants or shop windows for advertising purposes.

The single-coloured 3528 SMD LED strip lights are available in bright white, warm white and coloured versions (red, green, blue and orange). The single coloured LED strip lights can be dimmed with the help of our dimmers, and additional colours can be used with the help of the RGB strip light. The RGB LED strip light emits 7 different colours and bright white. Use it with the RGB controller and amplifier over 20 metres of strip light. The RGB LED strip light contains 30 pieces of RGB light-emitting diodes with SMD technology, in size 5050.

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LED strip lights offer a bright and decorative solution for replacing your energy-hungry halogens or short lifespan and still hot fluorescent tubes. Use LED strips to light up your life with various colours, or change the atmosphere of your room every day with the RGB LED strip. Our 12V LED lights are safe and easy to install.