LED strip lights for task lighting

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LED strip lights contain light emitting diodes with SMD power technology. This technology makes operating the lights for up to 12 hours a day, so they are suitable for home and commercial use as well. These diodes are available in two different sizes, the 3528 and the bigger 5050 ones. Strip lights meant for major task lighting - like illuminating a desktop or desk for instance - all contain the larger, 5050 sized diode in bigger quantities.

This task lighting LED strip lights are the 48 SMD Power 5050 LED strip light (containing 48 diodes per metre) and the 60 SMD Power 5050 LED strip light (containing 60 diodes per metre) products. The  strip lights are available in bright white and warm white colours as well, and are both bright enough to illuminate worktops. Their wide, 120 degrees of beam angle emits a wide, diffused light, and are best for illuminating wide surfaces from even a shorter distance. A metre of these lights could replace a 60W halogen light, and as they can be cut into smaller pieces, smaller local lighting is also possible. The lights are also dimmable with our LED strip light dimmers, so this strip light provides an easy switch between task and mood lighting. Use it for both decoration and worktops, or just to add some extra background light in your living room while reading.

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LED strip lights offer a bright and decorative solution for replacing your energy-hungry halogens or short lifespan and still hot fluorescent tubes. Use LED strips to light up your life with various colours, or change the atmosphere of your room every day with the RGB LED strip. Our 12V LED lights are safe and easy to install.