Outdoor LED strip lights

Outdoor LED strip lights are waterproof LED solutions. The strips have IP68 rating, which means they are submersible (connections need to be kept dry and insulated, as they are not waterproof).

The waterproof LED strip light is available by the metre, and can be cut into smaller pieces. To keep the IP rating of the strip after being cut, we suggest insulation of the connections with silicone paste, ideally sealing them with a cap.

Waterproof strip lights do not have adhesive backs, so fixing them can happen with silicone paste or cable clips. We provide 4 cable clips/metre with all strip lights.

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Outdoor LED strip lights

LED strip lights offer a bright and decorative solution for replacing your energy-hungry halogens or short lifespan and still hot fluorescent tubes. Use LED strips to light up your life with various colours, or change the atmosphere of your room every day with the RGB LED strip. Our 12V LED lights are safe and easy to install.